Restaurant Review: Sugar Factory

So this will be my first restaurant review. I must inform you, I’m not the kind of person who spends so much for fancy foods. Everything I will write here is either I got for free or I availed from Cobone or Groupon. Haha!

I will start with my experience at Sugar Factory. I believe it has 3 branches here in Dubai. One in La Mer, another in Dubai Festival City and the one where I dined in, the City Walk branch.  It is an American restaurant but in contrast with it’s name, it doesn’t only offer sweets and desserts, it actually has a huge variety in the menu.

My voucher is worth 300 AED, that’s almost 4,300 pesos worth of food. But of course, I will not spend that much for one dining, I bought it at half the price. Hihi! The facade looks really cool and the place is quite big. It has outdoor and indoor seating also. I arrived there in time for dinner. The staff, which are mostly Filipinos,  said that they usually becomes full around 8PM. True enough, there were numerous vacant seats when I reached.

I preferred to seat inside because I was so curious about it’s interior. It has a separate corner for their very own candy store. It has also big framed photos of Hollywood celebrities who visited their store in the US. The place looks spacious because the ceiling is high which creates that illusion.

Now, let’s talk about the main event – the food. I ordered their famous rainbow sliders, chicken pot stickers, tamarind chili shrimp wok, calamari rings and their trademark milkshakes.


Chicken Pot Stickers – 45 AED

A homemade chicken dumplings steamed and tossed in a lightly spiced soya chili glazed served with a hot and dipping sauce.

Verdict: It tastes exactly like the yummy authentic Chinese dumplings but the down side is the wrapper, it’s overly firm that slightly spoils it. But over all, it is good. Among all the food that I tasted, this one is my favorite.



Sugar Factory Rainbow Sliders – 82 AED

Grilled angus beef patty, grilled chicken, buffalo chicken, fried fish and fried chicken each served on Sugar Factory logo colored buns with lettuce, tomato and special sauce.

Verdict: The colorful buns are pleasant in the eyes, but not really in the mouth. I totally ignored the bread and went directly to the meat. It was okay.


Tamarind Chili Shrimps – 65 AED

Gulf shrimps, tamarind chili sauce, fresh red chilies, and yellow capsicum.

Verdict: “I can cook this better.” – Yes, that’s exactly my reaction after tasting it. Na-a!I don’t recommend this at all.


Tower of Calamari Rings – 45 AED

Crispy fried calamari rings served with sugar factory special sauce and tartar sauce.

Verdict: Without the tartar sauce, it’s totally bland. The only saving grace is the fries. It always saves the day anyway.


Giggles Snickers Milkshake – 65 AED

Vanilla ice cream blended with peanut butter and topped with whipped cream, peanut bar, waffles, unicorn lollipop and chocolate covered mug dressed in sprinkles and peanut butter cup.

 Verdict: A little piece of heaven! For peanut butter lovers like me, this is the perfect choice among their monster milkshakes. Everything around the glass is actually edible. Hey, it also looks very nice for Instagram. 🙂

To sum it up, I feel like there’s nothing really special about their food. Thus, it seems a little over priced for me considering the quality of the food, the ones at least I ordered.  The serving amount was satisfactory, I had enough for take away. The whole experience was still nice.I must commend the staff who were very attentive and pleasant. They were also honest to suggest to order more to maximize my voucher.

I believe that every restaurant is worth a try, at least once.

So if you get to stumble a discounted voucher for Sugar Factory, go grab it. It’s still worth a try.







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